Rev Heather “Love is composed of a Single Soul inhabiting two bodies.” Aristotle

Ceremony Types


CIVIL – A civil ceremony is a ceremony that does not include any religious aspects.

  • Religious – A religious ceremony can be traditional, depending on your faith, or it can include just a few aspects from your religion.  Whether you are observant or non-observant, a religious ceremony is still an option.

  • Spiritual – A spiritual ceremony does not subscribe to one specific religion, but rather incorporates elements from several religions that are more spiritual and less conforming.

  • Same Sex/LBGT – Same sex couples can now legally marry in New Jersey as of October 21, 2013.  These ceremonies can be civil, religious, spiritual, renewal of vows, or interfaith.

  • Renewal of Vows – A renewal of vows ceremony is a beautiful way for couples to rededicate themselves to one another.

  • Interfaith – An interfaith ceremony blends traditions, cultures, or religious aspects to make everyone feel celebrated and included.

    Unity Ceremonies

    A unity ceremony is a way to celebrate the couple joining two lives into one. Your creativity in designing a unity ceremony should speak to your relationship, personalities, and existing families.  You may include parents, siblings, and children into this event.  Such ceremonies include, but are not limited to sand ceremony, rose ceremony, breaking of the glass, the truce bell and the wine box ceremony.

    Be creative and have fun designing one that fits you!